Biggi lives in Essex with his owner Bekki Swift, her family and Meeko another Alaskan Malamute.

He has settled in really well and is a big part of their family.

Biggi is a gentle soul and he is the clown of the family laughing.....I love all the stories Bekki telling me about him and we so often laugh out loud because of Biggi being so funny.....














Amaruq Legend Geronimo For Alaicha (IMP FRA)
Eomer Sausimayok Multi CH. ICH. WSW. Multi BISS BPISS Rasta Man Shamanrock
CH Starlight Sutra Sausimayok
Chimarron's Gonnagetya Another Shadow of the Wolff
Ice Princess Inditarod
Mutli/INT Ch Destiny Child Shamanrock For Alaicha CH. Catera's Man Behind the Mask BISS CH Prairie Snow's Lieutenant Dan ROM
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