Barenga is a beautiful, very well behaved loving girl, with the sweetest temperament. She is a playful girl & full of energy with a strong willing attitude to work. Pulling work, backpacking or showing, Barenga loves it all!

Barenga's intelligence is most noted at our dog training classes with Lynne Davies (BBC's Dog Borstal). She was a very young girl, about 9 moths old and at the end of the lesson, the trainer introduced a new game. With two teams in two fields, with 7 balls in each field, the dogs had 1 minute to fetch as many balls as possible and bring them back to the edge of the field.

Buck was on the adults team and managed to collect 6 of the 7 balls, but Barenga, on the puppy team, managed to collect all 7 balls within 45 seconds! Although there were better dogs there, both Buck and Barenga did me proud and their fantastic efforts combined made their team win, I was thrilled!

Another person at our training class, said the she had never seen such well behaved malamutes before.

Barenga is very chatty, and the intelligence in her eyes and the noises she makes, we're sure we can have a conversation with her. We know exactly what she is asking. One evening, my son took Buck and Cheer out and left Barenga home. Barenga was not happy and was whining, and complaining “Hey, you forgot about me! Come back!”.

Already starting on her working career, in October 2011, Barenga carried nearly 12KG in a backpack covering a distance of 12 miles for the first leg of her Working Pack Dog title (WPD). We just have 3 more walks to go which we hope to complete over the next year or two.

Barenga has had a good show career so far, and has qualified for CRUFTS 2012! She qualified at the East of England Championship Show in July after placing 3rd in Junior Bitch under Mrs Manning. Barenga also took 3rd place at Richmond show in 2011. We have not shown her much, but we are hoping to get bother Barenga and Cheer back into the ring this year.

An Alaskan Malamute in the finest sense. It's a great pleasure having Barenga as our pack member. Barenga is from Hyteton Alaskan Malamutes, owned by Jill and Jim Broadberry. 

They have been involved in Working, Showing and Breeding Alaskan Malamute's for decades. Jill Broadberry is currently on the Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK's A1 judging list & Jim is on the Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK's A judging list.





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