Buck is a lovely soul, and incredibly gentle with the ladies in the house. He loves playing with both of the girls, particularly with Barenga. Barenga and Buck are like an old married couple, and as they have grown up together, are inseparable. His favourite game to play with the girls is kiss chase, we think he sees himself a bit of a ladies man!

Buck is a very intelligent boy, he loves to have targets and challenges to keep his brain active, we are always finding new things for him to do to keep him active and concentrating. He enjoys a good workout and we work him on the bike with Buck on one side and Barenga on the other, going at a steady pace. When i give them the command to run, they really open up and can get a good speed going. When given the command in a gentle voice, they slowly reduce their speed, eventually coming to a stop and stand waiting for the next instruction.

Did you know that Buck is bi-lingual? We teach our dogs commands in English and German and also use hand signals. Buck in particular is very good. He loves to play fetch and I will throw the ball for him, getting him to sit and wait until i give him the command "hol", where he rushes off to retrieve the ball and bring it back to me. To make it slightly harder for him, I often have Barenga sitting next to him and they both have to wait until the command is given. They both know who's turn it is to retrieve the ball by the command given "Buck Hol" or "Barenga Hol". They love it, and so do I. 

Another of Buck's favourite games, is playing "Hide It Find It". He will sit in the garden whilst I hide some toys, I call his name with the command to search and he runs around finding all the things that I have hidden.

Buck came to us in November 2009 from Christine Proffitt (Kebuck). Showing was not a priority for us, all we wanted was a family pet. We fell in love with Buck immediately and he's such a great breed ambassador that he has set off our passion for the Alaskan Malamute even spreading the Malamute passion to the whole family including our extended family in Germany!!!







Kebuck Kool Knight Gwinner Lapema Star De Jungla Negra ShCM CH Royal Star del biagio
Give me a star de Jungla Negra
Lapema Pilar De Espana Guisky de jungla Negra
Gorkeane de Jungla Negra
Yukon Wolf Kindred Spirit Kebuck Spirit Of Red Cloud Keikewabic's Urze Do Monte At Cherdene
CH Vana D'ericlam Of Brodan
Loryspide Minerva Lory's Pride Surprise
Anuska De Vila Moreirs