I remember the day our three musketeers were born. Especially Snoop with his exceptional will to live. "I am only 286 grams but I am here to stay", was his attitude. Our bond has grown to be this strong because he got a lot of extra attention as he was the smallest of the litter. 
This tiny puppy has grown up to become a handsome, young Malamute with the colors and the mane of a lion. but with the heart of a teddy bear. 
My cuddly bear, who already has a large fan base in our neighborhood. " Oh my, he is beautiful".  "What a handsome dog." are just a few of the comments you get when walking our adorable Snoop. 
No need to say that these outer attributes are complemented by the inner ones. 
I love his inquisitive, eager to learn personality but occasionally he forgets to be a gentleman and loves to destroy our remote control if unattended. This gave him the Nickname...Mr Plastics...He is a very talkative boy and seems to never lose his cool even in times where other dogs seem to be a little aggressive he will just reply with a big awhoooo.