Want A Mal?

I have done my research... now what do I do?

Please don’t take these questions/statements personally, they do not reflect on your value as human beings. I simply want to provide my dogs with the very best homes I possibly can. It is in the best interests of the puppy and the family adopting it that the match is a good one.

I have made every effort and spared no expense to breed dogs of exceptional quality— conformation, temperament and health. All of my breeding stock have all of the health certifications pertinent to malamutes (Hips, Eyes, CHD) & my puppies’ health is guaranteed.

Here is a list of my requirements for those who wish to adopt my dogs:

  1. I have, as an adult, owned and trained a dog.
  2. If I have not owned a malamute before, I have researched the breed thoroughly and know that they are high-maintenance dogs requiring lots of grooming, exercise and training. I have the considerable time, patience and resources to commit to raising an Alaskan Malamute puppy.
  3. I understand that if my malamute does not receive the physical exercise and mental stimulation it needs, it will probably destroy my home and yard.
  4. I understand that malamutes need a very firm, but patient, hand. I have the patience and stamina to repeatedly engage in contests of willpower with a large, powerful animal without becoming angry.
  5. I do not have a problem with copious amounts of dog hair, nor even blizzards of it.
  6. I have the time to brush my malamute at least twice weekly and am able to bathe (wash and DRY) the dog myself at least every eight weeks or pay for a professional groomer to do so. I know that a puppy has to be gently taught to accept this, along with regular nail trimming or grinding.
  7. I am willing to educate myself in the most recent developments in puppy raising and training.
  8. I have a (real, visible) fenced yard.
  9. I understand that malamutes have a very efficient metabolism, honed over thousands of years by an extreme environment and that the guidelines on dog food bags really don't relate to them.
  10. I also understand that overfeeding my dog hugely increases odds that they will suffer from lymphoma, kidney disease, heart failure, and most of all hip dysplasia. Food is not a substitute for love, exercise or attention!
  11. I can afford to pay for any reasonable veterinary care my dog will require, both on an annual basis and in event of an emergency.
  12. I am willing to release the veterinary records of any previously owned dogs.
  13. I have no more than 1 dog now (and if I have one, I understand that the puppy MUST be the other gender).
  14. I understand that although mals love kids, they can be boisterous and difficult for little ones to handle and that the more children I have, the greater the risk of injury to one of them, so I will trust the breeder to decide if a mal is a good match for my family.
  15. No one in my family is allergic to dogs.
  16. Everyone in my family wants a (large) dog.
  17. I am willing to sign a contract requiring me to spay/neuter my pet-quality puppy or am willing to co-own a show-quality puppy.
  18. I am willing to sign a contract requiring me to complete puppy/socialization classes as well as at least one term of beginning obedience.
  19. I am willing to sign a contract that does not allow me to sell or give away the dog I adopt from this breeder without contacting her first and giving her the right of first refusal. I understand that if I do so, I may not expect payment in return. (In other words, if you mess up one of my dogs by not training it or spending time with it or just don’t want it any more, you must contact me and I will help you place it, but you won’t get any money back).
  20. Finally, I understand that there is usually a waiting list and a puppy may not be immediately available when I want one (some breeders have lists that are years long!). I understand that it is customary to pay a nominal deposit to guarantee a spot on the waiting list.


If you can honestly answer “yes” to all of these statements, then please contact me for more information on my dogs, availability of puppies and my breeding program. If not, please continue your search until you find a breed that is more suited to your lifestyle. A puppy is a huge investment of your time and money and energy and love. Again, a bad match is heartbreaking for everyone concerned and it is the innocent, non-decision makers who suffer the most. There are many good resources and web-sites to help you find the right dog